Frequently Asked Questions

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Check In: 3:00 PM
Check Out: 10:00 AM

When you are ready to leave, please put all dirty towels in the bathtub or shower, leave beds used unmade, make sure all garbage is gathered and placed as instructed in the cabin book at your specific cabin. (no loose trash please, bags only), and all the dishes you used are to be cleaned and put back up.

When you depart from the cabin, please follow the Check-Out procedures. We expect to change linens, sweep/mop floors, dust, clean bathrooms and hot tubs, and do other cleaning.

We DO NOT expect to have to pick up trash, food, etc. from the floors, clean dirty dishes, move furniture back to its original places, find dirty dishes in the cabinets, etc. If we have to do those things, we reserve the right to charge the credit card on file a minimum cleaning fee of $50.

Some of our cabins are located in a bear sanctuary. We have bear proof trash containers. Please be sure to close them securely and not leave any trash outside the container. 

Our housekeepers work hard to provide you with not only a clean cabin, but a welcoming, well stocked, and inviting cabin. You may offer a tip either by leaving cash in the provided envelope at the cabin. Although it is not required, please consider leaving them a tip.

Mountain View Cabin Rentals offers pet-friendly cabins. From relaxing mountain views to scenic trails, your furry friend will love exploring all the outdoor activities this area has to offer.

There is a $50 non-refundable pet deposit.  Only 1 fur baby per cabin, please.

I agree to the following:
  1. My dog will not be allowed on the cabin furniture unless I provide a blanket for my pet to lay upon.
  2. My dog will be on a flea & tick maintenance medication. 
  3. My dog is house-trained and will not potty in the cabin.
  4. My dog will be crated if left in the cabin alone.
  5. I understand that if my dog causes any damage to this cabin, I will be responsible for any and all repair costs. 
  6. I will pay additional cleaning costs if my dog leaves an excessive amount of dog hair throughout the cabin. 

Smoking is NOT ALLOWED in any of our cabins. If we smell smoke inside your cabin upon your departure, you will be charged a $500 fee for smoke smell removal. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you are in a shared area, we ask that you are mindful of other guests. 

To receive a refund of your advance deposit/payment, you must contact us at least 7 days before check-in. There are NO REFUNDS on cancellations within the 7-day period before your arrival date.

If you change your mind and only decide to stay one night instead of two, NO REFUND, NO EXCEPTION

Please take a look at your cabin upon arrival. If you find something wrong, contact the office immediately, so we can address your concerns. We WILL NOT issue a refund, NO exceptions, if protocol is not followed.

Please list each guest when making your reservation. Unreported guests will result in an additional $25 per person, per night fee billed to the card on file.

Mountain View Cabin Rentals goes to great lengths to make sure that our cabins are well stocked with clean linens that are in good condition. We wash and sanitize them after each stay for the next guest that comes in. Please help us to maintain our linens by not using them to clean floors, shoes, cars, motorcycles, grills, kool aid, remove make up, and such. 

We do realize that accidents happen, but please consider using paper towels to clean up things that permanently stain. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Mountain View Cabin Rentals is not responsible for personal property left after your departure. If you find you have left something, please call the office, and we’ll attempt to locate it for you and return it COD to you.

Reservations are accepted up to one year in advance, and the confirmed rate will be guaranteed.

Rates are subject to change without notice, unless confirmed. The primary renter must be a minimum of 21 years of age and be staying in the cabin. 

  • You must be 21 years of age or older to rent a cabin.
  • You acknowledge that you are responsible for the care of the property being rented.
  • You agree to pay for any damages, (including reasonable attorney’s fees incurred for collection) to the property, and the contents during the stay.
  • Likewise, you will not hold Mountain View Cabin Rentals responsible for any injuries or accidents occurring at the property.
  • Furthermore, you will not hold Mountain View Cabin Rentals responsible for the loss of money, jewelry, valuables, or personal property of any kind.

A minimum fee of $50 will be charged if excessive cleaning is required.

Maximum occupancy is enforced. Failure to comply may cause you to be evicted. Tennessee’s law, TCA SECP 62-7-107, provides that the procuring of accommodations under false pretenses is a crime punishable by fines up to $500.00 and/or imprisonment up to 90 days. There are no refunds for checking out early. 

Our hot tubs are cleaned and chemically treated after each guest. However, to make your hot tub experience safer from bacteria, we advise you to run the hot tub between ten and fifteen minutes before entering.

  • Each guest should shower before and after using a hot tub to remove any bacteria they have encountered.
  • The rules are posted at the hot tub, please review them with each member of your group.
  • You should also never wear jewelry into a hot tub due to the chemicals used.
  • The chemicals in hot tubs can also affect color-treated hair or damage swimsuits.
  • Individuals who have high blood pressure, skin sensitivities, or who might be pregnant are strongly urged not to use a hot tub. If in doubt, please consult a physician before using the hot tub.
  • Hot tubs can cause your blood pressure to rise if you have been drinking.

Hot tub use is strictly at your choice/risk. By using the hot tub, and by signing the rental agreement, you are absolving Mountain View Rental Cabins of any and all responsibility related to the hot tub or its use.

There is a $50 refundable hot tub deposit required at check-in. The hot tub will be inspected at the time of check-out, and if the house rules were followed, your deposit will be refunded. 

If you plan to check out early, please advise the ladies in the office when you arrive, so the necessary arrangements can be made to ensure a quick and efficient check-out process.

Traveling to the Mountains

We are located in the Smoky Mountains and you may encounter any of the following pests, animals, plants, and perhaps some that are not listed below.

  • Wasps (We have 4 types of aggressive wasps in TN) Red Wasps being the most aggressive, and are attracted to the loud noises, bright colors, and smells caused by humans. Additionally, leftover food from barbecues and backyard picnics will draw red wasps.
  • Asian Lady Beetle, mostly referred to as an orange ladybug. They are considered one of the world’s most invasive insects. Try not to smash them, they smell horrible, and can stain fabric.
  • Ants – crawling, winged, and stinging.
  • Carpenter Bees, they are big black and yellow boring bees.
  • Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Sumac. Etc.
  • Scorpions & Spiders
  • Groundhogs, Skunks, Porcupines, Raccoons, Opossums, and Bears (So PLEASE make sure the trash cans are covered.)

If you or anyone in your party is allergic to, or afraid of the above-mentioned, please take the appropriate measures.

We do appreciate that you want to inform us, and please be assured that we are aware. We have a reputable pest control service performing maintenance regularly.  

If you are staying at Riverfront Lodge, or at a cabin that is close to other cabins. Please keep the noise to a minimum after 10PM.  No loud talking, music, children running around. We understand that it is your vacation, and we can appreciate your perspective. We urge you to consider that it is our other guests’ vacation as well. We do have several cabins available that are more secluded and encourage you to choose one of those if you feel it would better suit your needs.

We appreciate your understanding. 

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